Health Insurance

Navigating Health Insurance: Simplifying the Complexities

Terms like Affordable Care Act, Obamacare, Premium Tax Credit (Subsidies), and Employer Mandate can leave you feeling overwhelmed.

Do you understand how they impact you and your family’s health coverage?

If you’re a business owner, are you aware of the law’s implications for your employees and your business?

At Neglia Insurance Group, we're here to demystify the complexities.

Our experts are well-versed in the intricacies of healthcare laws, guiding you through both opportunities and challenges.


Do terms like Copays, Deductibles, Coinsurance, Out-of-Network, and Out-of-Pocket Maximums confuse you?


We provide clarity. Understanding these components is essential, and we take the time to explain before discussing specific plans. We also assess your current medications to ensure they’re covered under potential new carriers.


Our strategic questioning approach sets us apart. We delve deep to determine the most suitable policies before presenting quotes or suggestions. With over 30 years of experience, our expertise shines. Our aim is to assist you in securing and maintaining the best and most cost-effective insurance coverage at all times. Trust Neglia Insurance Group to guide you toward a brighter, well-covered future.

Individual and Family Health Plans

Is this you? 

Unlock the Ideal Plan for You and Your Family

If any of the above sounds familiar, an individual or family health plan could be the perfect fit. Imagine co-pays as low as $20 per doctor visit, endless doctor appointments, zero lifetime maximum, and  100% coverage for preventive care.

Medicare Supplement Insurance

As we advance through life, our path reveals exciting possibilities, numerous changes, and the need for critical decisions about important matters, including health insurance.

While it’s widely known that turning 65 opens the doors to Medicare health benefits, a lesser-known fact is that Medicare alone doesn’t encompass all medical costs. Upon closer inspection of your Medicare coverage, you’ll discern your responsibility for co-pays and deductibles that can accumulate into significant out-of-pocket expenses

That's where Medicare Supplement comes into play:

Group Health Insurance

As an employer, your goal is to attract and retain exceptional employees. Health benefits stand as a cornerstone within an employee compensation package. However, the seemingly unpredictable and uncontrollable annual rate hikes often create a challenge between fulfilling employee needs and maintaining a healthy bottom line.

At Neglia Insurance Group, we're here to help.

Our services  involve delving into all your health benefit possibilities, resulting in a unified strategy that keeps costs in check while delivering exceptional value to your employees. We offer the latest insights on available products, carriers, vendors, funding alternatives, and compliance prerequisites. Partnering with us can also save you money when it comes to payroll, reducing your need to hire or maintain an in-house benefits expertise staff.


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When Zach Foster’s daughter, Isla, was born, he realized he wanted more than just a job; he wanted a meaningful career that allowed flexibility and made a real difference. To this end, Zach became a healthcare and life insurance agent with Neglia Insurance Group. 


His dedication isn’t just spoken; it’s proven. At Isla’s school, during a parent/teacher conference, he discovered her teacher was burdened with an ill-suited health plan costing her $500/month. During the teacher conference,  Zach found her a much better plan, reducing her costs to just $60/month. It’s clear: Zach doesn’t just sell insurance; he changes lives.


His approach is deeply personal. Drawing from his fitness background, he tailors solutions, ensuring clients get not just any coverage, but the right coverage. Zach’s guiding principle? The Platinum Rule: “Do unto others as they would have done unto them.” This mindset makes each client feel valued and understood. And with Zach, there’s complete transparency – his clients do not pay him, the insurance companies do. 


Outside work, Zach finds balance in cooking, tweaking recipes to perfection, similar to how he tailors insurance plans. He cherishes memories from coaching high school swimming, particularly guiding a swimmer to surpass her own expectations.


At home, he’s a dedicated husband to Caitlin and a doting father to Isla, with their dogs, Talulah and Bananas, adding fun and “puppy love” to their lives.


In Zach, you’re not just finding an insurance salesman,, you’re discovering a partner who truly cares. For Zach, it’s all about people first.


Dan Neglia started his career in insurance because he was Inspired by his father’s work and his father’s dedication to the business. Once Dan had a family of his own, he wanted a career that gave him both flexibility and purpose. So, he continued in his father’s footsteps but he is is own man with his own style of business. 

Dan stands out in this crowded industry because he genuinely wants to know about you. Before he talks about insurance, he’s asking about your weekend plans or how your kids are doing. He wants to know you and your family. Dan believes that the better he knows you, the better the insurance plan he can offer that fits you and your family. 

Dan’s days in the Air Force taught him a thing or two about integrity and resilience and he’s brought these values into his work. He’s committed to making sure you get the best service and the right products for your needs.

Outside of work? Dan’s a busy dad with five kids, three dogs, a bearded dragon, and a crested gecko. He’s also a bit of a fitness enthusiast and enjoys a good round of golf.

Dan is straightforward, honest, and ready to help. Want to discuss insurance or even swap golf tips? Contact him today. 


Inspired by a family friend’s offer of mentorship, Bill started his career in insurance over 40 years ago. He was drawn to the autonomy of the industry and the desire to make a difference in people’s lives. This commitment was underscored when a meeting led a client to discover a life-threatening heart condition, which reaffirmed the importance of his role.


To best serve his clients, Bill begins with a comprehensive questionnaire, ensuring he understands their unique needs before discussing solutions. Guided by transparency and genuine care, he always prioritizes the client’s interest, setting him apart in the industry.


Outside work, rock concerts are his escape, where he sees parallels to his profession: individual performers coming together for a harmonious result. That balance is pivotal in his personal life too. When his wife, Sandy, faced a cancer diagnosis, he became her primary caregiver. This period cemented his belief in the importance of personal connection and empathy in his business. 


His family is his inspiration. With Sandy, their children Danny and Caitlin, and six grandchildren, he finds joy in spending time with them, either at home or traveling with his family. Whether it’s golf with his son, watching sports, or being amused by their five granddogs, these experiences enrich his interactions with clients.


Bill’s not just your insurance agent with decades of experience, but he’s a compassionate adviser committed to serving your individual and family needs.